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Salt, not good for us? I beg to differ.

Updated: Oct 8, 2022

We have all heard that salt is not good for us. We have been coached to eliminate salt in our daily diets, as it can result in high blood pressure and other ailments. While some of these claims are warranted, I’d like to remind you of the many healing benefits of salt; an amazing mineral, and valued commodity, for thousands of years.

Whether you've gargled with warm salt water to relieve a sore throat, taken an Epsom 'salt' bath, or used a salt based body scrub - like my Tangerine Margarita body scrub - you've used salt to live better!

Salt has a neutral pH which makes it useful in many ways. The nerd in me loves all of the details, such as the ionic bond formed between sodium and chlorine to form salt crystals. So here I share with you some of my favorite uses of this amazing natural mineral:

  • Remove Wine Spills (and other dark, liquid stains) from carpets by pouring a generous amount of inexpensive table salt on the fresh spill/stain, let it sit for 12-24 hours then clean up the salt. Most or all of the wine will have soaked into the salt. Works every time!

  • Keep Drains Clear Pour a warm salt water mixture down drains to prevent clogs and to eliminate odors.

  • Heal Skin Conditions Using a sea salt body scrub will improve almost any skin condition.

  • Fertilize houseplants Sprinkle Epsom salt on houseplant soil monthly to provide nutrients (similar to those in most purchased plant food).

  • Remove Foot Odor A foot soak made of Epsom Salts will remove toxins from the body, reduce foot odor, soothe aching feet, and help to heal cracked skin. Bonus - a foot soak will ease stress and help relax the entire body.

  • Rid your carpet of fleas Sprinkle a handful of salt evenly over carpet, let sit overnight (keep your pets away, they'll want to lick it all up!). Vacuum thoroughly in the morning and repeat weekly till fleas are gone.

  • Ant & bug repellent Keep ants away from your home by sprinkling salt along any threshold ants may cross to enter your dwelling (window sills, doorways).

  • Sore Throat Soother Ease throat pain with a warm water and salt solution gargle. Swish the solution around in mouth and gargle for 5-10 seconds and repeat 2-3 times daily to speed healing and relieve pain.

These are just a few ways to utilize salt in your life. I suggest keeping a large container of table salt in your home; you'll have a use for it soon!

With the Zeeta Body product line, I decided to share the benefits of salt with you by creating our special blends of; Foot Soaks, Bath Soaks, and Sea Salt Body Scrubs. We have different options to help with your daily needs, skin conditions, or for those moments when you want to find stillness and relaxation. Try one of our Epsom Salt Soaks, Sea Salt Scrubs and more at I have personally designed all of these products to better the human body and mind.

We learn from each other, so please comment with your favorite uses for salt.

Keep it real!



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