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Galentine & Valentine Gift Guide 2021

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner

We love V-day as it's a wonderful opportunity to celebrate love and loved ones. It's the one day annually that encourages us to focus on how precious our love for each other really is! So consider this as your encouragement to spoil someone you love this year on Valentine's Day. Hate boring gifts? Us too! Below you’ll find a simple gift guide filled with unique inspiration and ideas for heartfelt gifts that appeal to each of the 5 senses - perfect for all the special people in your life. From our skin-loving oils to our heart-warming gift bundles, you’ll be tempted to spoil yourself too!


Taste Get the most kissable lips with a mouthwatering sugar scrub.

Soothe chapped lips and nourish skin - perfect full-body preparation for an intimate evening. Bonus that all of our scrubs smell amazing and are delectably sweet, naturally!

Touch Get extra soft, cuddly skin with a nourishing body oil.

Drench your body with moisturizing and uplifting oils - a great addition to your daily routine and perfect for a relaxing or seductive massage.

Sight Set your sights on glowing skin with an at-home facial.

Our ceramic bowls are hand made with love and come with a deep cleansing facial mask. Pair it with a luxurious facial oil for beautiful gift, for yourself or for your Galentine!

Smell Delight their sense of smell with an aromatherapy room and body spray. We've got a blend for any occasion - whether a mood boost is needed to prepare for a busy day ahead, setting the mood for a Valentine's evening at home, or easing into a peaceful night curled up with your fur-companions.

Sound Ooo, ahh! That's the sound that can be heard when our sublime Epsom soaks are experienced as part of their self-care routine or for a couples bath. Choose from Cozy, Relaxing, or Lavender soaks for an ideal evening in!


As this global day of love approaches, keep in mind that you may not want to wait till the last second to order Valentine’s Day gifts. That’s especially true nowadays, with the pandemic causing mail delays throughout the country. Keep the stress-level low and start your shopping now to make sure everything goes smoothly.

How are you treating and investing in yourself these days? If you feel like you don't have the time, or the resources to dedicate to self-care, please think again! Keep your self-care routine simple and flexible for the best results, YOU, above all - are worth it!

Wishing you love, this Valentine’s Day and every day.

XO, Christine and the ZB team

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