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Nourish and rejuvenate dry skin by incorporating our vegan essential oils to your total body care routine.

Key Ingredients

Pure clays, seaweed, and kelp powder help treat all different skin types. Explore all of the different clay based facial masks that we make to choose which one is right for you.


All natural clays are perfect to cleanse, smooth, and brighten skin. Clear acne and reduce pores with real clay mud masks.

Perfect for...

Clay masks are the best skin care products to clear pores and reduce blackheads. Our clay masks naturally and gently remove excess oils from the skin, shrinking the appearance of pores for a refined, fresh look and feel.

Zeeta Body face oils are more concentrated than our body oils, and can absolutely be used on your body for a more high potency effect. The body oils that we offer are less potent than the facial oils, so you won’t get the same results, but you can use the body oils on your face without worry.


Mix 3-4 tsp of Zeeta mask powder with water in a small, non-metallic mixing bowl, mix with bamboo spoon.


Apply to face, neck and the back of hands to deep cleanse and refresh skin.


Relax for 10-15 minutes while the mask dries


Remove mask with a warm, damp towel and apply your favorite Zeeta Face Oil.


Since mixing up her first jar of all-natural oil in 2008, Zeeta Body founder Christine has spent thousands of hours researching the healing benefits of hundreds of essential oils and herbs.


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