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Exfoliate and reveal soft, smooth skin.

Key Ingredients

Handcrafted in small batches, our salt and sugar scrubs are formulated with essential oils, almond oil, sugar or sea salt, and organic herbs.

Essential Oils

Salt and sugar scrubs are mild physical exfoliants. We like enjoying this process with scents of citrus, calendula, patchouli, or lavender. Our scrub 4-pack is perfect for when you just can't decide on your favorite.

Perfect for...

Managing acne, when your face or body is starting to feel a little rough, or when you need that spa-like experience to start or end your day.

Salt and sugar scrubs are a healthy way to exfoliate your skin and are gentle enough to use on your face and body.


Apply Zeeta scrub directly to your skin.


Massage thoroughly onto skin to exfoliate. Zeeta scrubs are infused with essential oils and will hydrate your skin as you exfoliate!


Rinse and enjoy soft, smooth skin.


Since mixing up her first jar of all-natural oil in 2008, Zeeta Body founder Christine has spent thousands of hours researching the healing benefits of hundreds of essential oils and herbs.

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