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Healthy Skin & Focused Mind

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Why are plant-based oils so good for you?

Skin loses moisture and elasticity over time, and our oils contain herbs that help hydrate and promote skin cell production. Oils also absorb into your skin quickly and smell amazing, naturally. Bonus - our oils contain pure essential oils, which promote mindfulness each time you use them. Stay in the present moment with daily use of aromatherapy.

Your outermost layer of the skin, the epidermis, is your skin barrier. The skin barriers job is to protect your skin and body from the external environment. Think of your skin as a brick wall. Skin is made up of “bricks” (protein from skin cells) and “mortar” (lipids and important fats). The lipid bi-layer – aka your skin's oil – is the glue that holds the wall together. It creates skin that is strong, hydrated and soft. It holds the natural moisturizers in and keeps bacteria and environmental chemicals out. As we age the amounts of lipids decrease significantly which is why we are prone to dry skin and a weakened barrier over time.

Your skin absorbs everything you apply to it which is why it's so important to take care of yourself by using pure, healthy skin care products. Our bodies receive nutrients through the foods that we eat and through what we apply to our skin. Using herbal skin care adds healthy herbs into your daily diet! Taking extra special care of your skin will also create a strong barrier to environmental toxins. Applying herbal plant-based oils to your skin regularly will help maintain healthy, glowing skin. Aromatherapy skincare also adds an element of mindful awareness to each day as the mood clarifying benefits of essential oils are noticed with each application. We never add waxes, soy, parabens, water or other fillers to Zeeta Body oils.

If oils just aren't your thing or if you simply prefer the texture of lotion, you can add our body or facial oils to your unscented lotion. This will add skin nutritive herbs and oils to your lotion and also provide a daily dose of aromatherapy to your routine.

The slowing down of skin regeneration begins at the age of 25. When this occurs, it is time to start using natural oil based products on your skin to keep your healthy glow.

Pro tips:

  1. Massage oils into damp skin and allow to absorb for a few moments before getting dressed.

  2. Enjoy the texture of the oils and the texture of your skin - take a few deep breathes of the natural plant fragrances and relish being in the present moment.

  3. Store your Zeeta Body oils in a cool location, away from direct sunlight and heat sources.

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