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B2S Essentials

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

Going back to school or work is often a time of transition, which can be stressful! We have many useful tips to manage back to school stress. Here are our top recommendations for a peaceful transition back to the school season:

For COVID-safety: hand sanitizer spray and defuse spray

"I'm so glad I found this hand sanitizer! The scent is clean, and refreshing. It's not overpowering. I use it on my masks, in my car, and with the new issues, I make sure use it to spray down any public space I use." - Office Manager, Clark County private school

For a stuffy dorm room, apartment, office, or classroom: Cheerful Citrus Spray

“Sometimes my classroom gets to smell overwhelmingly like teenagers. When this happens, I spray Cheerful Citrus Spray in-between periods. My students at the following class often walk in and compliment how my classroom smells so good.” -- High School Teacher, Henderson, NV

For glowing picture-day skin: Volcanic Face Mask

For a good night’s rest: Lovely Lavender Spray (for your pillow), Las Vegas Lavender Body Oil

“Last year, my roommate and I had a nightly ritual of putting Las Vegas Lavender oil on our hands and arms before we went to sleep. If either of us forgot to do this, we would instantly be reminded when the other put it on because the room would smell of lavender. It was the perfect way to calm down amidst the stress of school." -- College Student, UCLA

For an instant mid-day or study break pick-me-up: Brain-Boost or Smudge Spray

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