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Portland to Vegas Baby!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

After living for the past seven years in the lovely and moist Pacific Northwest, I have moved back to my fabulous hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

One the biggest changes has been transitioning back to a desert climate. I am a Vegas native and must ask, was it always this DRY?! Was I so distracted by our great sunsets that I forgot you need to moisturize every hour?

Thankfully I can indulge with Zeeta body oils to the rescue!!

My cracked hands and stressed out soul have two new favorite remedies.

Are they heavenly gifts from angels?


Will they help you with a St. Patrick's Day green beer hangover?

Well they certainly can't hurt.

No Worries Body Oil is my daytime must have and is always within reach for dry skin 911. When I look down at my keyboard and see that my hands need extra attention, I pause for a simple and oh, so necessary self-care break. The healing tea tree and refreshing peppermint oils help me to de-stress and regroup.

For my evening ritual, Chill Out Body Oil waits on the nightstand to help me drift off to dreamland. The peppermint and lavender scents help me decompress and relax from the day. I like to lovingly rub the healing oils into the soles of my feet, pull on fluffy spa socks and then it is lights out. The problems of the day fade away as I softly sink into my Tempur-Pedic pillow.

The Dalia Lama believes sleep is the best meditation. He might be on to something!

Please let us know what you think of my picks to help de-stress and moisturize, leave a comment with your favorites.

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