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Natural Plant Based Oils

Oils... and so much more

Condition and feed your skin with natural, plant based oils. Sweet almond oil has been carefully blended with a variety of herbs and chosen essential oils to serve a variety of skin care needs.

Choose from three Facial Blends designed specifically for delicate and troubled facial skin. These oils will NOT clog your pores the way some lotions do. Your pores will drink in the nourishment and your skin will glow.

Body blends are available in several different varieties. Choose one that suits your body chemistry and needs. All oils contain properties that will eliminate acne, stimulate skin cell growth, and even the tone of your skin.

High Potency Blends are also infused with skin conditioning herbs and provide topical treatment for sore muscles, bruised skin, eczema, scar treatment and more!
Facial Masks

Facial Masks

Facial masks will tone and improve the overall color of your skin while deep cleaning. Feed your face with these nutrient rich facial masks, they’re filled with earths magical deposits. Clay is natures magnet for dirt and toxins, Kelp is loaded with nutrients and minerals and also fills in sunken skin, acting like a natural face lift!

You’re going to love them...... there’s a choice for every skin type.
Body and Face Scrubs

Body and Face Scrubs

Body Scrubs . . . Rejuvenation in the Palm of Your Hand

Zeeta Body Body Scrubs are handcrafted in small batches that contain pure essential oils to truly revitalize your skin. One scrub and you’ll recognize the difference that our food grade essential oils, salts, sugars and herbs make on your skin. While we don’t recommend eating the scrubs, we do encourage you to cover your entire body with them and scrubbing away daily dirt and harmful toxins. Our scrubs literally scrub off dead surface skin to reveal fresh skin and encourage new skin growth while enveloping you in sweet bliss that only pure essential oils can provide.

Each salty and sweet scrub contains pure almond oil and skin conditioning herbs that bring your skin the vitamins, minerals, and moisture that it needs. The Zeeta Body Scrubs provide a truly rejuvenating shower experience that will leave you smoother and more moisturized than you’ve ever felt. Though a favorite among all customers, men especially like the one quick step to becoming moisturized and clean. We are certain that you will find one that suits your senses as much as your skin. Enjoy the clean sensation that can only be found with a Zeeta Body Scrub.
Mountain Rose Herbs. A Herbs, Health & Harmony Com


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100% Vegan - Essential Oil Based Body Care - Handcrafted in Las Vegas, NV

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