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Staying Cool this Summer

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

It's hot. There's no way around the heat that we are all experiencing this summer. I admit that I'm struggling with the heat more than usual this summer. Here's what I've been doing to cope, here's our top tips to keeping both yourself and your pets cool and safe. I hope some of these methods work for your family too.

1. Water.

For humans: Drink more than you think you need. While each of us have different personal requirements, typically 1-2 gallons per day is needed when the temps. are as high as they are. Add lemon, lime or cucumber slices for added refreshment.

For your pets: Provide fresh, cool water throughout the day. Add some ice to their water bowls and never, ever restrict your pets water intake.

2. Shade.

For humans: Here in the SW the sun can be particularly brutal. If you can't be in the shade, cover your skin with long, light layers of clothing. It may seem counterintuitive to add more clothes when you're feeling hot, but when we keep the sweat inside our clothing it acts like a cooling system. Keeping direct sun off of our skin and allowing sweat to naturally air condition under clothes lowers our body temperature.

For your pets: If your pet has little to no fur, consider lightweight clothing for them. If your pet is a full on furry friend, provide them with shade to rest in and restrict their time in the sunshine. Pets can get skin related cancers just as humans can, and those pets with lighter colored fur on their noses and bellies (like our Indigo) are particularly vulnerable to the strong sun.

3. Keep human skin hydrated and refreshed with naturally cooling ingredients, like mint & eucalyptus. Applying cooling body oils to damp skin makes the biggest impact.

4. Bathing.

For humans: Take temperate or cool showers and soaks. Include some cooling, menthol based essential oils or aromatic soaks to bath water for an extra refreshing experience.

For your pets: Refresh them with a quick rinse of cool water. Both my dog and the late Astro kitty, love a hose shower during the summertime.

5. For you and for your *pets: Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. You're entire body will thank you! Fruit salads and vegetable salads are fun to create, here are some of our favorite ways to make a meal worthy salad.

*RESEARCH the fruits and vegetables that are safe for your particular pet to consume.

Please share with us what you're doing to keep your cool through the long, hot days of Summer 2023.

Cheers, Christine & Indigo

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