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Simple Hacks for Happy Hands

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

The reason why I love body scrubs so much is how versatile they are. I tend to gravitate towards sugar scrubs to exfoliate my face and legs in the shower (pro tip: use the scrub while shaving to exfoliate and have smooth legs for days). If my feet need work (as they often do because I wear flip flops from April to September) sea salt scrubs are a lifesaver. Somehow, I always seem to neglect my hands!

My solution? Keeping a Zeeta scrub by the sink in my bathroom. Just a small scoop goes a long way to both moisturize and exfoliate my hands all at once. Here are 3 reasons why you should pamper your hands as well as the rest of your body. 

1. Hands Require Extra Moisturizing

I don't know about you, but my hands become so dry in the winter, especially if I haven’t applied some Hello Sunshine in a while. Keeping a scrub in the bathroom has been the ultimate solution to my painfully dry, cracked hands. The soft sugar helps remove dead skin cells and the almond/essential oil blend moisturizes as well as, assists healing small scratches and messy cuticles - hydrating and exfoliating all at once! 

2. Cleaning under fingernails is made easy

Salt scrubs are extremely useful for cleaning underneath nails. With damp hands, I apply

~1 teaspoon of Happy Feet Salt Scrub to my hands ('cause this scrub is amazing on hands, as well as on feet) and rub-a-dub them together. When the salt is lathered thoroughly over my hands, I scratch the palm of my opposite hand, allowing the salt to get underneath my fingernails. After I’ve done this to the opposite hand, I like to soak them in water for at least 30 seconds, up to a minute. This simple and quick technique does a stellar job at releasing both the salt and dirt from underneath my fingernails without the hassle of using something pointy.

3. Leave the bathroom with soft, great smelling hands every time

I enjoy great smelling soaps as much as the next person, but the chemicals that go into many soaps leave me wary and the perfumes often leave my hands dry. One of my favorite things about Zeeta products is the all natural ingredients. One look on the side of the container and I can automatically tell what makes each product smell so good. Each scrub has a unique blend of essential oils that go together perfectly. Plus, the physical act of exfoliating not only makes my hands smell great, but the entire bathroom as well. The best thing: the scent lasts but not too long!

If you haven't tried a Zeeta scrub before, I highly recommend the scrub 4-pack. Containing both sugar and salt based scrubs in our most popular scents, it is the perfect starter kit. Trust me--once you've experienced hand scrubs, you'll never go back.

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