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Off Strip Adventures in Las Vegas, NV

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

If you're looking for something to do while you're in Las Vegas that has nothing to do with bright lights, loud sounds and money, look off of The Strip! You can travel 30 minutes Southeast to Lake Las Vegas or Lake Mead for waterfront fun (which I absolutely love to do when the weather is mild). There's even guides and boat rentals available if you want to go out on the water. Or you can travel 50 minutes Northwest to the local high peaks and enjoy cool breezes, fewer people and an opportunity to be with the trees. Being outdoors is my #1 go-to when I have some time and when I need a reset. Our local mountains have just as much flair as a Vegas Showgirl, but with a slightly different feel. If you're ready to experience the Spring Mountains of Nevada, here are my recommendations.

Pack a day bag, put on your sturdy walking shoes and head north to Mt. Charleston or Lee Canyon. These destinations are especially attractive during the warmer months since it will be at least 20 degrees cooler up in the mountains than it is in the valley. All of the trees provide plenty of shaded places to picnic too.If you are planning to have a picnic, get your snacks before starting the climb west on Kyle Canyon Road, as there will be few other options available after that. Lee Canyon is our local ski mountain and at the base, near the lifts, you will find all of the usual amenities of a breakfast/coffee shop and a sandwich shop with a full bar. If you're up on the mountain during the early morning hours, you're likely to see wild horses grazing their way up the mountain. We had the magical experience of seeing them daily during our most recent trip and there are some young colts in the herd. Indigo and I had the pleasure of watching the youngsters play together - from a distance of course! Please remember to stay at least 50' away from any wild animals that you encounter and never, EVER feed them. Pack out everything that you pack in, including fruit cores & peels, toilet paper and empty containers.

If you’re interested in a hike, here are a few of my favorites and some details that may help you choose. Message me if you have specific questions and I’ll try my best to help.

-Eagles Nest Loop via. Fletcher Canyon

An easy hike through beautiful foliage with lots of different plant varieties. An abundance of butterflies and scenic views of the canyon and surrounding peaks. There’s one steep climb near the trailhead that will get your heart pumping and the rest of the trail includes moderate climbs that most will be able to accomplish.

Blue sky with wispy white clouds, green hillside from hiking trail in las vegas nv
Eagles Nest Trail from Fletcher Canyon TH

-Mary Jane Falls

A one way in and out trail that climbs to several small falls (potentially no water during the late summer months). We hiked this trail one morning last week, during the middle of June, and were quite cold! There’s not much sun at the falls and the water drops the temperature significantly.

Woman wearing purple pants and blue tie dye hoddie, with dog standing in front of small waterfall.
Mary Jane Falls Mt. Charleston, NV

-Bristlecone Pine

Witness the oldest living trees on the planet, the Bristlecone Pine. You can choose to take a long walk or a short walk with the options available. We tend to start at the lower trailhead and do the upper and lower loop but plenty of people park at the upper trailhead, near Lee Canyon lifts, and hike in and out on the upper trail only. It really depends on how far you want to walk and how much of a challenge you’re ready for. There’s a lot of elevation change if you do the entire loop.

Woman wearing sunglasses and colorado hat in front of trailhead sign in southern NV.
Lower Bristlecone trailhead in las vegas, nv

Whenever I prepare for time in the mountains, I use one of our organic body oils that contain natural bug repelling essential oils, No Worries, Happy Hippy, Eucalyptus or Take a Load Off.

During my most recent stay on Mt. Charleston I used the Take a Load Off Oil daily, for several reasons, but you can choose from any of the organic body oils listed above and have a positive experience.

Here’s my top 3 reasons for using Take a Load Off during outdoor adventures:

  1. It keeps the bugs away from me while smelling amazing.

  2. Take a Load Off Body Oil hydrates my dry skin.

  3. This body oil helps relieve sore muscles, which was welcome with so much hiking.

Even if you don’t make it out of the Vegas Valley during your stay, you will notice that your skin gets very dry when you’re in the desert. Applying herbal oils and hydrating salt scrubs to your face and body will help tremendously. Stay hydrated, inside and out, and have a great time in Vegas - good luck!

Cheers, Christine

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