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Feel the Full Flower (Moon) Power

You may have heard that there is a rare lunar trifecta on the literal horizon. A Super Flower Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse will appear just before dawn tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26, 2021.

The first total lunar eclipse in six years, the only lunar eclipse, and closest supermoon of 2021, skywatchers are truly in for a treat! You don't need any special equipment to safely view the show. And for those in places where the eclipse won't be visible, it will still be possible to catch the action live online. Even if you're not able to see the celestial event, chances are, you will still be able to feel its potent energy.

What's the significance of a Flower Moon?

Based in Native American tradition, the Flower Moon embodies all the spirit and energy of Beltane and of the Spring season. As the days continue to grow longer, the warmer temperatures continue to increase, and the Northern Hemisphere is in full bloom - flowers and herbs used for medicinal purposes are now flourishing.

May’s Flower Moon signifies a time of love, laughter, celebration, and pleasure. Even more so with many of us coming out of hibernation from a long, difficult year, you can expect this full moon and lunar eclipse to bring a "sky's the limit" feeling to just about everything. It's a perfect time to get out and reconnect, embrace life and all its moving parts, and spend some time getting real with yourself!

3 ways to celebrate with ritual ideas:

Change up the landscape of your life. Get out and enjoy some wide-open spaces and don’t forget to bring loved ones along.

Soak up this powerful full moon by getting out in nature. Sink your toes in the sand. Begin tending your garden, plant seeds in containers, or harvest herbs in the moonlight. Light a fire pit and sit outside.

Whether in an RV in the mountains, or closer to home, now's the time to broaden your horizons and rack up life-affirming experiences.


Take note of how you're feeling. Recharge and restore your energy. Meditating and journaling are powerful yet simple ways to check in with yourself. Immerse yourself in the Moon’s soothing light as you inhale all of Nature’s beauty.

Now is the time to bring goals and dreams to life, create balance, and focus your energy in directions that serve you best.

Full moons are often about the release, so remember to relax and let go as we collectively ride this lunar wave.


Celebrate the awakening local flora during this season of rebirth. As gardens flourish and annual herbs come to life, now is an ideal time to embrace warming herbs.

Calendula, cinnamon and mint create tasty caffeine free teas that warm the digestive tract. Stoke your internal fire (and digestive system) with warming herbs. Set your alarm, make yourself a cup of tea and step outside to enjoy this magnificent eclipse.

Cheers friends!


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