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Best Ways to use Zeeta Body Aromatherapy Sprays

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

By now you likely know that essential oils smell good. Anyone who's ever tried a Zeeta product can attest to that. But essential oils are more than just a fancy scent - they are the powerful 'juices' that are extracted from herbs and plants.

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into your life. Here at ZeetaBody we work to make high quality essential oil based personal care products so it's easy for you to get these valuable extracts into your daily routine.

My favorite way to incorporate essential oils and aromatherapy into my daily life is through the use of ZeetaBody aromatherapy sprays.

Aromatherapy sprays are popular for many excellent reasons. They are versatile and easy to use, and a great place to start for those new to the world of essential oils. If you're not quite sure how to use them, reference the easy guide created for you below:

  • - Spray in your dryer for fresh smelling clothes

  • - Spray your bed for a great nights sleep

  • - Spritz your cloth car seats to refresh your vehicle

  • - Spray your yoga/exercise mat to disinfect naturally

  • - Spray while at your desk for added focus and mental clarity

  • - Spray yourself as an alternative to colognes and perfumes

My top 3 favorite ZeetaBody Sprays

This invigorating, synapse-stimulating spray is sure to be your favorite at-work room spray, but it’s gentle enough to spritz on your body as well. Blended specifically to stimulate the mind and focus the thoughts, this lemony blend contains five essential oils including eucalyptus and rosemary. Use as a body spray or room spray. Keep a bottle in your desk or anywhere you work. Makes a great gift for your favorite coworker or that special workaholic in your life!

Pro Tip: Spray yourself and your space generously after a heavy lunch. Just the boost you need to power through the afternoon.

For a burst of freshness and energy just shy of sunshine itself, spritz a bit of this fabulous blend around your space. Infused with several essential oils including sweet orange and lemon, it’s seriously Citrus! This spray will brighten your day and naturally de-germ your stuff with just one spray.

Pro Tip: Spray yourself and your space generously on a cloudy day to keep yourself out of a gloomy funk. No sun? No problem!

Set the tone for holiday celebrations with this warm, cozy, inviting spray. Use to spritz table linens, spray on carpets and all around your spaces to instantly create the perfect holiday vibe. The mood lifting qualities will help calm you and your guests too. Gift one of these seasonal sprays with your friends and family, they make a great hostess gift.

Pro Tip: Great for use all fall and winter long on gloves, sweaters and scarves. Everyone will comment on how amazing you smell!

We want to hear from you!

What's your favorite Zeeta Spray? How do you use your sprays? Are there any scents you wish would be included in future blends?

Leave a comment in the space below and let us know.

Keep it real in every aspect of your life.

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