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It Takes a Village

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

Whatever you call your inner circle of friends and family, your tribe, sisterhood, brotherhood - you probably realize that your life without them would suck. We are genetically designed to desire and thrive when there's a deep connection with other people. For those of you who know me, more than likely you have heard me say that 'It takes a Village" at one time or another. To some it may sound cliche, but it is a phrase that sums up how I feel.

It's been over a year since I had the pleasure of spending an entire week in a vacation paradise with dear friends. On several occasions throughout that vacation we discussed the importance of connecting with other people and group support was the topic of many conversations. We each spent a good deal of our time reading books on the topic, or listening to pod casts related to connectivity, human nature, the evolution of humankind and the need to be "connected" to others.

Going through my day yesterday, I was very aware of the need and importance of being connected. I started my first bit of interaction via emails and messages with clients, co-workers and friends. I love beginning my days with loving messages to and from friends.

During my first yoga class today, I led a group of lovely yogis into a blissful state with asana and aromatherapy. Three students vocalized the extreme level of accomplishment and relaxation they achieved during our practice together. It made my heart smile to be able to assist this… I feel as if my gift to the community is to help others connect with themselves. The happiness I see in others, knowing that I have played a small part, is a huge gift to me.

One yoga student, who was new to me, lingered afterwards to chat. During this spontaneous connection, she described her journey from Hawaii to Vegas with the man she was dating then she told me about her current dating. Before I knew it, she invited me to double date with her boyfriend and his buddy. Another example of a simple connection leading to yet another unsolicited, but potentially pleasant connection!

My morning progressed with a last minute cancellation that couldn't have been more timely. I took my unexpected free time to take a quick hike up my favorite, easy to access trail. This particular trail head is located in a seniors development so I don't often see a crowd. It isn't a particularly challenging trail till one reaches the top but it does gain significant elevation over the short distance and offers an amazing view of the Las Vegas strip and valley. As I began the ascent, my mind was still whirling with memories of my day and I reminisced about the retreat with my friends where we deepened connections and discussed the need for others in our lives.

As I neared the top of the trail, I gained on a dear elderly couple. They were holding hands and moving gingerly over the rocky trail. It was heartwarming and caused me to stop in my tracks as I considered that the need for connetion is there during all seasons of our lives. How sweet it was to witness compassion and care as these two seniors carefully guided each other to a stunning view and a sense of physical accomplishment.

After witnessing this display of love and connection, I day-dreamed my way through grocery shopping, dreaming of finding a love that will accompany me to my elder years. At checkout, the connection was alive again with two chatty clerks who freely shared well wishes and jokes with me about how great I smell. (Thank you Happy Hippy Oil for being so appealing to all!)

Perhaps the most exciting part of my day was the several phone calls with ambitious friends as we planned community yoga and educational classes for teenagers, to spread healthy eating and natural care awareness. It was a day full of connections for me. Days like today that remind me of the joys in life are found in the connections we share with others.

Live large and care for your fellow humans, it doesn indeed 'take a village' to accomplish our dreams. I thank all of my lucky stars for the village that surrounds and supports me.



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