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Yoga Festival Survival Guide

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

All yoga is good but yoga all day long is even better!

I am a self admitted yoga festival junkie. In years past I've been known to attend, present, and vend my Zeeta goods at several festivals each year!

Some of my favorite yoga related festivals to date have been the Sedona Yoga Festival, Flagstaff Yoga Festival, South Bay Yoga Conference, and the Vegas Gone Yoga! Festival. If you've never been, I can't recommend the experience enough!

Because I've made it a habit to attend such events, I've picked up a few tips and tricks over the years. Feel free to reference the following list to make your next festival experience more enjoyable and stress free.

  1. Know where your festival is - Get directions ahead of time so you can be there to park, register and get to your classes on time.

  2. Bring lots of water - Practicing yoga all day and walking around from class to class is a lot harder than just your normal yoga experience, so make sure to have plenty of water. Also, you'll be burning a lot of extra calories, so don't forget snacks.

  3. Plan your day - There are many different classes and workshops to take, so take time before to choose your classes and schedule your day. Map it out so you know exactly where to go after your next class.

  4. Bring some extra cash - Yoga is super fulfilling, but since you're at a festival there will be a ton of cool stuff to buy (as well as free stuff too). Support your local studios and businesses. Giving back to your community feels just as good as practicing!

  5. Dress for success - Whether your classes are inside or outside be prepared for AC blasted indoor rooms and blazing hot outdoor classes. A hat, sunscreen, and a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt are good items to bring along just in case.


On October 6th-8th the Las Vegas community will join together for one night and two full days of yoga, music, friends, sharing, and caring at the annual Vegas Gone Yoga festival.


If you have not yet experienced an event such as this I strongly recommend you take a little time this month to visit the Springs Preserve and check it out. There's no better way to practice yoga than surrounded by many other like-minded people. Practicing yoga outdoors can also be fun, even if it's almost 100 degrees outside with full sun blazing down. Have no fear about the heat though because most classes will be held indoors. There will also be loads of other fun activities, such as the marketplace and lunchtime entertainment. I started attending festivals as a fun way to share my Zeeta Aroma Yoga classes.

But I found that what makes the experience extra fun is getting to meet amazing yogis, yoga instructors, musicians and artists. I have made countless new friends at these fun filled gatherings and am convinced that it's the people who makes each of these events so special. Sure, I may learn something new about my yoga or meditation practice or sometimes about understanding business practices on a deeper level, but whatever my experience what stays with me the most is the connections formed with all of the fabulous individuals that show up to create a magical event.

Let's connect - I really hope to see YOU this year at the Vegas Gone Yoga! festival at the Springs Preserve Be Scents-able Zeeta Aromayoga workshop. This years workshop is all about inversions and approaching your inversion practice in a sensible way. If I don't see you in class, please visit us at the Zeeta booth in the vending area all day Saturday - Sunday and say hi! Stay tuned for details and photos of our fall 2017 yoga experiences.when I present my

Keep it real.



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