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5 Ways You Can Make the World a Better Place

With hurricanes, fires, wars and political divisiveness it sure does feel like the world is a much darker place than ever before. While it's may feel overwhelmingly negative at times, there's always something that each of us can do to make the world a better place.

This human experience is the sum of what we each individually decide to make it. So, in the spirit of taking destiny into our own hands lets collectively take a deep breath and remember that it is our actions that will shape our tomorrows.

Sometimes we just need a reminder that we have the power within us to make a change. Here are some simple ideas of what we can all do to make our world a better place.

1. Donate

I was shocked to see a news segment recently which highlighted the futility of donating unsolicited clothing and possessions to communities in need. Relief workers in disaster zones seldom have the time or resources to sift through your old prom gowns and tiaras and even less use for them. This particular news segment showed piles of rotten donated clothing being burned on a beach, in third world country, because it had become a dumping ground and health hazard. However, when donating money to the right cause, you can be sure that resources are getting to those who need it the most. This being said please be weary of pop up scams that try to take advantage of peoples generosity in tragic times.

At Zeeta Body we support the efforts of The American Red Cross.

You can donate here:

Even modest donations help, as we say where I'm from 'pennies make pounds'.

And if you just can't afford a monetary donation, you can still help! The American Red Cross is currently promoting a blood drive as there is an emergency need. All the details can be found on their website here:

2. Clear Your Space

Cleaning your living and work spaces can have a huge personal impact. Organize your bedroom, your home, your garage... It may sound minimal but having a clean and tidy environment can make a major shift in your personal positive energy.

I like to think of this like airplane safety drills, you know the ones where they tell you to put on the oxygen safety mask on your self before you help others put on theirs. By getting rid of personal clutter and organizing your space you literally feel lighter and re-energized allowing yourself to be more present and available to others in your life. I just did this the other day and doubt I'd be able to write this article as easily if I hadn't.

3. Pay a Stranger a Compliment

This may be the easiest on the list to do. It doesn't cost a penny, only takes a second, and let's face it, we're all good at yapping our mouths.

Think about the last time a stranger gave you a random compliment, made you smile didn't it? And smiling is a good a thing. Not only is a smile contagious but it can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, reduce stress, make you look younger and can actually chill out your brain by redirecting the course of cooler blood around your noggin. So go ahead, make a stranger smile and offer a compliment, you'll feel better too.

4. Take Responsibility For Your Own Problems

Take responsibility for your own problems and stop blaming others... I heard a statement the other day that had huge resonance within me and it was simply 'EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS WITHIN YOURSELF'.

It's all too easy to say 'if only they didn't do that, say that, act that way' etc, etc. But really? If we are completely honest with ourselves it's usually the ugly faults or bad traits within ourselves that we are quick to recognize and criticize in others. If you think your roommate being less messy would make your world a better place then you're looking at the problem the wrong way - you have the power to clean up the mess yourself or choose a better room mate…. Take responsibility for your own problems.

5. Be Kind To Yourself

We are all a little too hard on ourselves at times. This comes directly back to my airplane safety drill analogy in tip #2. Take the time to unwind. Spoil yourself with a Zeeta Body Face Mask and Epsom Bath Soak. I usually do this on a Sunday night and it completely relaxes me and sets me up for the hustle and bustle of the upcoming week.

It's the little things in life that connect us with others and add up to make our world a beautiful place. Something as simple as a little self love can go a long way to making our world a brighter place.

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