Sugar or Sea Salt Aromatherapy scrub
Sugar or Sea Salt Aromatherapy scrubJill_Scrub_Poppin on RailingJill_Scrub_Happy Feet on RailingJill_Scrub_Temptation on RailingJill_Scrub_Tangerine Margarita on RailingJill_Scrub_Euphoria on Railing

Scrub of the Month Club

$20.00 / month for 12 months

Give someone you admire and care about a regular dose of nourishment, Zeeta style.

This subscription delivers one of our best selling products, Zeeta Scrubs! Each monthly shipment will include a different one of our Large Aromatherapy Scrubs, to allow sampling of all our blends.

The first monthly shipment will be sent within 24 hours of sign-up. Subsequent monthly shipments will be sent out on or before the first Thursday of each month. Shipments can be adjusted by contacting our customer service assistants before the first day of the month, or (702) 767-1123.





How to Use

Scrub away dead skin, worries and the day with Zeeta aromatherapy scrubs. Your entire being will be nourished by the natural oils in each scrub, your skin will be deep cleansed by the natural sea salt or sugar base (we make both salty and sweet scrubs).

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