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Wellness, what does it mean to you?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

This question was asked of me recently as a lead up to a wellness event that I will be presenting at. It took me a little time to consider my answer, especially since the format for my answer was a 1-minute video (you can watch my awkward video here). Summing up wellness into just one minute was the challenge. After much pondering and introspection I came up with this - wellness is a lot of habits all rolled up into a lifestyle that benefits my mental, physical and spiritual health.

Bam. I was able to come up with an answer that can kind of be summed up in 1-minute, what does it truly mean? Here's the summarized version of my answer - to be able to incorporate healthy and personally satisfying events into every day of my life. This means dedicating my time wisely, because my time and my reactions are the only parts of my life that I truly have control over.

Here are my top 5 daily choices to live well:

  1. Spend some time every day outdoors. Some days this includes time in the yard tending to the veggie garden and cleaning up fallen leaves. Most days this includes a walk with the dog and/or a friend. Occasionally I get out to a trail for a long hike or to the lake for a swim - this is the most luxurious and best personal reset!

  2. Eat real food. Whole fruits, grains and vegetables. Less packaged, processed food items. Eat with intention, noticing flavors, textures and appreciating each bite.

  3. Connect with other humans. In person or virtually, connection makes a huge difference in my mood and in my ability to remain positive and stay productive.

  4. Have my required ‘adulting’ tasks coordinated. Paying bills timely (thank you auto-pay), handling the laundry, the pet poop and other household and life tasks efficiently.

  5. Exercise and rest. Exercising makes me feel good. Whether lifting weights, practicing yoga, taking a pilates class or going for a long walk. Along with movement, stillness is required. Each day I set my timer for 15-25 minutes for stillness. This can show up as a short nap or a meditation session.

Living a mindful life can alleviate anxiety, depression and help us feel good about ourselves. There are days when I incorporate an aromatic polishing salt scrub to my bathing routine and the scent, texture and process bring me right back to the present moment. Consider how do you choose to spend your time and live well!

xo, Christine

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