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Traveling, it's a thing again!

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

I recently took a trip that involved flying and staying at an airbnb. It was my first time flying since February 2020 and it felt amazing! Here's a few photos from my trip... yes, those are giant, green sea turtles in the middle pic. 🐢 💜

It had been so long that I had to repack my toiletry bags. The travel necessities that usually stay packed and ready for the next planned get-a-way or for a spur of the minute road trip had been emptied during my spring of 2020 closet clean out. Sadly they sat empty until a few weeks ago. Now I'm keeping them packed and ready for my next adventure in July! Aren't we all so excited that we're out and on the move again!??!

As you pack your bags for your upcoming trips, be sure to pack your essential oil travel bundle (of course), and here are some of my other top travel tips and necessities to have on hand for a pleasant trip. No surprise that I'm going to remind you to pack a good smelling hand sanitizer. A hand sanitizer that doesn't leave hands sticky or make you start searching for a paper towel to wipe off with. I prefer a spray hand sanitizer made with essential oils and ethyl alcohol so my hands are germ free and smell good at the same time.

Pack a pillow case for dirty laundry. I prefer a king sized pillow case over a plastic bag for dirty laundry storage. Clothes can still breathe and be separated from clean items. Bonus that there's less single use plastics in my travel plans too! Astro 🐱 approves of the pillow case, water bottle, hat and was 'helping' me pack.

An aromatherapy spray is a must have. Consider this one of your most versatile necessities because this is a toxin free room deodorizer, air freshener, personal mist, face toner or quick mood lift - all in one! You will surely thank me for this reminder 😉

Staying hydrated during travel requires some personal planning. Try to drink a few large glasses of water or herbal tea prior to your trip to start off on the right foot. Pack a reusable water bottle and tea bags. Be sure to pack hydration for your skin too, face and body oils as well as safe for you and safe for the planet sunscreen, here's an article to help you find the perfect sunscreen for you and your family.

Comfortable walking shoes and a hat to shade your face are invaluable during any vacation. During this recent trip to Maui we walked everywhere, it ended up being ok that rental cars were unavailable. We got lots of steps in and were able to admire the beauty of roadside flowers, charming properties, detoured to the beach several times and really had fun on foot vs. in a rental car.

Worth reminding y'all that a face mask is still required to fly, use ride share and was also required anytime indoors while on the Hawaiian Islands. Just wear the mask! We're used to it by now and hopefully sooooo close to not needing them at all.

With coronavirus case numbers diving in most — but not all — of the world, summer vacations are a part to our lives again. Travel to most countries is open, airlines have been adding flights and 7 in 10 U.S. families are planning a trip. Are you planning a trip this summer? Please comment on where you plan to travel to in 2021 and share your travel tips!

Wishing you and yours safe travels and fun-filled adventures.



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