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Spicy Slushie Lemonade

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

We've all heard it before...

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!

And when life hands you a chance to celebrate National Lemon Juice Day, we say do it!

The puckery, colorful fruit may be hard for some to enjoy all on its own, but it’s a versatile addition to many of your favorite drinks, dishes, and even wellness concoctions. Lemons are the main ingredient in one of our favorite summertime beverages and a welcome accessory to any salad. Lemons are great for more than just the juice: use the oil from the lemon rind to make a nontoxic insect repellant or zest the rind into your oatmeal or next baking project.

Today, August 29th, is National Lemon Juice Day!

I'm getting back into lemonade this summer. I've always loved lemonade and like to try different variations whenever possible. I recently found a spicy lemonade at the store (I forget the brand) and loved the combination of sweet, tart, and spicy, so I decided to try and make a super delicious spicy lemonade. It's quite simple and only requires a powerful blender and a few simple ingredients. The following is all you'll need:

2 lemons

1 lime

1/2 tsp. Cayenne pepper

1-2 tbsp. Local honey

I have a Vitamix, so I peeled the lemons and lime and plopped them in to get the extra nutrients and fiber that comes with the casings. Next, I added water and honey to the blend and mixed it up a bit more, adding the cayenne pepper at the end.

The first batch was really good, but admittedly super sour. I also found it to be a bit pulpy for my taste, so I'm glad I only made a small batch the first time. Next time, I think I'll strain out the foamy pulp and then add some extra honey to cut down on the bitter taste. Feel free to adjust the recipe on your end to suit your own tastes. And if you're not a fan of spice, feel free to omit the cayenne. Adding around a half a cup of crushed ice to the blender results in a nice slushy consistency (see below). The choice is yours!

I really enjoy lemons because I love sour and bitter things, and because they're packed with vitamins and other nutrients. I try to incorporate them into my daily life as much as possible.

Health Benefits of Lemons

  • Full of fiber - great for the digestive system

  • Can help reduce anxiety

  • Naturally Detoxifying - lemons dissolve uric acid and other toxins in the liver

  • High in Potassium - combats symptoms like constipation, headaches, and appetite loss

  • High in Vitamin C, an important micronutrient for collagen building and repairing damaged skin

  • Improves circulation - Lemons are high in Vitamin P, which helps Vitamin C perform its functions (like strengthening blood vessels)

  • Boosts Energy and Fights Fatigue - Lemon oil can stimulate brain activity

Lemons are obviously quite good for you and are readily available at all grocery stores, but that doesn't make them easy to eat all of the time. I try to find new and exciting ways to get my daily dose to keep things interesting. One great way to enjoy lemons on the go is to make a fresh lemonade like the one listed above or found here. If you're pressed for time, you can also just add some fresh lemon to your water and sip throughout the day (great way to combat anxious situations too). Lemon juice is also be a great addition to homemade salad dressings, fresh fruit salad, and sautéed vegetables.

Natural skin care products are also a great way to incorporate the health benefits of lemons into your routine. Zeeta offers several invigorating organic products that contain therapeutic lemon essential oil including Euphoria Salt Scrub, Cheerful Citrus Spray, Brain Boost Spray.

Keep it real friends!

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