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Host a pinecone crafting party

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

This holiday season is already shaping up to be a busy one for most of us - full of gatherings, shopping, and so much cooking. Things to look forward to after the lackluster 2020 holiday season. Let's remember that this is also a perfect time to sit down and truly savor all of the special moments shared with family and friends. One lovely way we found to do this is by getting together for some festive crafting time.

We share with you 7 easy steps to organizing and enjoying your own pinecone crafting party – making memories and cute crafts that can double as DIY ornaments, holiday decorations, or gifts!

1. Plan and share some outdoor time with friends, and kids to enjoy the crisp autumn air. You'll all get some exercise, and valuable time together outdoors, while collecting pine cones. This could be a fun opportunity to sneak away with your partner for a foraging date.

2. Collect your crafting supplies. Don't forget tacky or hot glue, ribbon and/or twine, paint, paintbrushes, and your ZB Holiday Warmth Aromatherapy Spray, of course!

3. Round up your besties for a joyous afternoon filled with crafting and connecting.

4. Get creative with paints, glitter, beads, buttons…whatever inspires you. Set your completed creations aside, and let any paint or glue you’ve used dry, while you spend time catching up with everyone in attendance.

5. Spray your ZB Holiday spray (or other aromatherapy spray) onto finished pine cones.

6.Pause. Breathe. Sip a warming beverage and enjoy a moment of gratitude for this time with those you care about.

7. Take your ready-to-wrap creations home. Display and enjoy your custom-crafted, aromatic holiday decor!

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