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Natural Ways to Care for Dry Winter Skin

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Woman with blonde hair smiling, her eyes closed. woman wearing teal sweater in winter
Winter skin care with natural Zeeta Body herbal skincare

Don't let taking care of dry winter skin become a chore. By using pure, clean, organic skin care, you can have healthy and nourished skin.

Consider this, your skin is an elaborate defense mechanism designed to protect your body from invasion making it extremely important to protect it. It grows from the inside out, progressively pushing older layers of skin cells toward the surface. The top layers of skin are mainly composed of dead cells. With cooler temperatures outside and rising thermostats inside, your skin has a hard time retaining the moisture it needs which causes skin rejuvenation to slow down.

Our skin often suffers during these winter months and skin cell rejuvenation slows down while indoor heat strips skin of it’s natural oils. When the chill sets in, and you notice you skin is drier than usual, try these tips:

  • Use an all natural, moisturizing scrub to clean your skin. It will greatly enhance the removal of old cells and provide stimulation to the formation of new skin cells.

  • Avoid the temptation to take long, hot showers. The heat strips skin of its natural oils and can cause inflammation. Try a warm shower and keep the door closed to retain humidity. Soak in a warm bath, with aromatherapy added - of course! Watch this quick video to learn the many ways your body will benefit.

  • Replenish dry skin with hydrating oil based body products. Your skin will 'drink' it up and the oils will encourage new cell growth while leaving your skin looking fresh!

You already know that all Zeeta Body Oils contain essential oils that penetrate through the outer layers of skin to the nerve endings, sebaceous glands and they can also warm (or cool) the body. A few of our favorite warming oils for dry winter skin relief are Cardamom Spice, Sun Kissed and Take a Load Off .

Since the skin is also an excretory organ, eliminating up to one-quarter of all our bodies metabolic waste, its good practice to use natural skin care products and to dress in clothing made of natural fibers. This will allow your skin to detoxify all day long!

My last bit of advice, which I know you've heard before, is to drink more water. We tend to drink more water when it's warm outdoors but our bodies need hydration just as much today as they do in mid July. Work towards drinking one ounce, for ever pound of body weight, EVERY DAY - this is a general rule that will work for most people.

Stay warm, stay hydrated and stay amazing!

If you have additional tips to share, please leave a comment below!

Keep it real,


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