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Zeeta Body Evolved... The Video

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

To Celebrate the launch of our new website, ZEETABODY.COM, we have put together this video to catch you up with our evolution. It features Zeeta Body's founder, Christine Frazzitta, who talks about how the brand came to be.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it and please feel free to share :)


Zeeta evolved…

It first began with me creating products for my own personal use. And then one year around Christmas time I gave out lots of different things, some oils, some scrubs. And by about February of the next year everyone wanted more.

The Zeeta Body line includes; aromatherapy oils, body scrubs, face scrubs, face masks, bath salts and some yoga props.

The ingredients are the most important part of the creation of Zeeta Products. What you put on your skin ends up in your blood stream in a matter in minuets.

All of the ingredients that go into Zeeta Body products must be Earth based. So my criteria is that their vegan, plant based and derived from the earth in some way shape or form. So we never include any ingredients that are man made or unnatural.

I hope that when people use Zeeta Body products they feel similarly to how I feel at the end of a Yoga practice; happy, calm, confident. So I have been merging Aromatherapy with yoga practice for many years now and I feel that it’s a vital combination to help us tap into ourselves, creating an awareness about yourself and how you effect the people around you.

Zeeta Body is what I believe in. It’s what I believe we should be doing for our bodies. In a real way, in a daily way, to put good ingredients on your skin so that you nourish and take care of your body from the outside in.

My name is Christine Frazzitta and I’m proud of the fact that all Zeeta Body products are vegan, cruelty free and made in America.

Zeeta Body - Keep It Real!

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