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My 3 Favorite Organic Skin Care Products That Contain Lemon Essential Oil

Not a morning person? Didn’t get enough sleep and need a boost of energy? This salt-based blend with essential oils of eucalyptus and lemon will wake you up while you scrub away dead skin and feel its euphoric properties.

For a burst of freshness and energy just shy of sunshine itself, spritz a bit of this fabulous blend around your space. Infused with several essential oils including sweet orange and lemon, it’s seriously Citrus and super cheerful too! This spray will brighten your day and naturally de-germ your stuff with just one spray.

This invigorating, synapse-stimulating spray is sure to be your favorite at-work room spray, but it’s gentle enough to spritz on your body as well. Blended specifically to stimulate the mind and focus the thoughts, this lemony blend contains five essential oils including eucalyptus and rosemary. Use as a body spray or room spray. Keep a bottle in your desk or anywhere you work.

Makes a great gift for your favorite student, coworker or that special workaholic in your life!

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