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What we put on our skin matters.

Improve your daily regimen with skincare that balances your physical and mental well-being. Mood lifting body oils, facial serums, sprays, soaks and body polishing scrubs - all designed to elevate your daily routines.

Experience a renewed sense of self ,care every day.

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The Benefits of Zeeta Body

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ZeetaBody founder Christine Frazzitta sitting on Red Chair.jpg
How it all began

What started as a personal solution for her skincare needs has blossomed into Zeeta Body – a brand that encapsulates the transformative power of herbal oils for skin.


This journey began when Christine experienced the uplifting benefits of herbal oils for skin. Zeeta Body was born out of the desire to offer a unique product line that seamlessly integrates the wonders of herbal oils into your daily routine.

Discover our range of natural body care products, designed to promote mindfulness, enhance your overall well-being, and leave your skin feeling healthy and radiant.


At Zeeta Body, we take pride in our commitment to small batch skincare, a tradition we've upheld since 2010.

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