Sweetheart Gift Box



with this special collection designed to soften moods, skin, lips and promote love!

The Zeeta team has thoughtfully assembled the perfect collection to suit everyone. At an affordable price that you’ll love too.

This gift includes the following:

Sun Kissed Body Oil (2oz.)

Temptation Body & Lip Scrub  (6oz.)

Lavender Soak (8oz.)

*Kiss Me lips not included


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How to Use

  • Relax your body and mind with a 10-20 minute  Lavender soak.
  • Rub your entire body with Temptation Sugar scrub. Great to soften lips too.
  • Treat yourself to a full body rub down with Sun Kissed Body Oil. Self massage is extremely beneficial to our systems. Or ask someone to help, be prepared to return the favor!

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