Cheerful Citrus Spray


For a burst of freshness and energy just shy of sunshine itself, spritz a bit of this fabulous blend around your space. Infused with several essential oils including sweet orange and lemon, it’s seriously Citrus! This spray will brighten your day and naturally de-germ your stuff with just one spray.

Use as a refreshing and cleansing toner for your face and neck too!


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How to Use

  • Spray around your space for a burst of cheerfulness
  • Spray on skin for a refreshing boost
  • Spray on facial skin as a cleansing toner, use cotton as desired
  • Use as a refreshing body mist or natural deodorant
  • Use as a refreshing facial toner, apply to cotton or directly to skin
  • Spray on personal items to naturally de-germ them:  yoga mats, chair seats, pens, car steering wheel, computer mouse
  • Spray on the ends of longer hair to enjoy the aroma and nourish the hair

A Zeeta Body is a happy body!

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