Bug Repellent Kit


We have all experienced the annoyance of insects and their bites. The question is, how can we repel these pesky creatures without exposing ourselves to harmful, toxic chemicals? This special collection was tailored by Zeeta founder Christine Frazzitta (who has put each of these items through stringent testing herself!) to naturally repel insects and reduce your risk of bites and stings. Each product contains therapeutic grade essential oils that insects avoid. You’ll even feel good about using them since each product is also a fabulous mood lifter! Treat yourself and those you love with an invigorating Euphoria Body Scrub, cover skin from head to toes with No Worries Body Oil, spritz yourself and your and head for the great outdoors! Enjoy worry free time participating in all of your favorite activities.


No Worries Body Oil, Full Size (2oz)

Euphoria Body Scrub, Small Size (4oz)

Brain Boost Spray, Small Size (2oz)


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