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Have You Tried Healing with Nature?

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

The world moves fast and doesn't wait for anyone. Finding moments of peace and time to heal when life is hectic can be a challenge. When you’re faced with busy schedules and full calendars, assigning time to self-healing and growth is not easy. Thankfully, nature plays a big part in our rejuvenation and can be easily accessed.

Did you know that research shows that the stress hormone, cortisol, is reduced in those who walked for 40 minutes in a forest? It’s true!

Stepping outside and walking in grass can have the same effect. Time spent outdoors allows our central nervous system to slow down and we begin to heal naturally. Embracing the great outdoors can genuinely nourish our well-being, whether it be through quiet nature walks or practicing yoga under the trees. Let us see how spending time with nature can heal us from the inside out.

Soaking in the sun and the fresh air

What's better than starting your day by going out the door into the fresh morning air and soaking in the morning sun? The skin absorbs sunlight to produce vitamin D, which can keep you energized for the day. Our senses come alive, and stress dissolves in the presence of trees and fragrant flowers. If your morning routine is scarce on fragrant flowers, consider using eye pillows infused with calming lavender to improve your experience or essential oils. Placing a lavender filled eye pillow, over your eyes or on your forehead, while laying down under the sun enhances your relaxation and your connection to nature.

Forest bathing for better health

Forest bathing, also known as shinrin-yoku, makes it possible to soak in the beauty and aromas of the forest. A simple 30 min stroll in the woods can reduce stress and blood pressure. After your forest bath, pamper your skin with salt body scrubs. Your skin will be left smooth and renewed after gentle exfoliation with natural salts and oils. The added benefits of essential oils are similar to the benefits of smelling flowers in the wild.

Yoga in the wild Watch the magic happen as you unfold your yoga mat in the midst of nature. Yoga is a relaxing outdoor activity that improves your physical body while also nourishing your mind and soul. Try listening to the birds and other natural sounds in the background for extra good vibes. Use yoga props, such as blocks, yoga bolsters, lavender filled eye pillows and straps, to strengthen your poses and find deeper levels of relaxation during your practice.

Organic body oils for nourishment Body oils give our skin deep nourishment and are perfect for overall body care. When infused with herbs and aromatic oils, they also rejuvenate our skin and mind. Eucalyptus oil is a fantastic choice to energize your exhausted muscles and mind. Enjoy the goodness of organic body oils made from natural ingredients like almonds, calendula, and other essential oils. It is also appropriate for use as a general body moisturizer or for aromatherapy purposes.

The incredible experience of connecting with nature improves our well-being on all levels. Healing is amplified when we participate in outdoor activities like yoga in the great outdoors, forest bathing, and nature walks. Choosing to spend time outdoors can significantly improve our health and lower our cortisol levels. So let us get outside, take in the scenery, and allow nature's regenerative abilities to transform our lives.

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