Essential Oils and Pets: Everything You Need to Know

Updated: Feb 5

We all want to keep our pets safe. While we are usually aware of many foods that our furry friends must avoid (like chocolate and grapes), not many know that some plants and essential oils are also toxic. However, it is important to note that how much and how often essential oils are used make a large difference. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using essential oils around your cats and dogs.

Say no to concentrated oils

As a rule of thumb, never apply undiluted (ie 100% pure) essential oils onto your pets. All Zeeta products have a carrier oil, sweet almond oil, that allow for easy application while reaping the same therapeutic benefits. This is beneficial for dogs, who have a heightened sense of smell and may have negative reactions to more concentrated blends. When in doubt, use at your own discretion! If it will irritate your skin, it will probably have the same affect on your pets.

Think Before Defusing

While defusing essential oils may make your home smell lovely, pay attention to your pet's behavior around the diffuser. If your curious cat likes to stay by the diffuser for long periods of time, it could have negative affects on their health. A pet-friendly alternative to defusers are our Aromatherapy Sprays, which are water-based and safe for use. Our favorite blends to counteract unpleasant odors are Brain Boost and Lovely Lavender. For safest results, spray your pet's bed instead of your pet.

Safe Zeeta Products to Use Around Pets

To ensure your pets health and safety, we have compiled a list of all of our products that are non-toxic and safe to use around pets. To be clear, we are sharing that it's safe for you to use these products on your body and be near your pets. There are a limited number of products that we believe are safe to use on your pets bed as well as on their bodies. These items are highlighted with an *below.

Aromatherapy Room & Body Sprays

Body Oils

Body Scrubs

Salt Soaks

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