Go A-Maying for May Day

May 1st is the sweet and fragrant holiday of a bygone era, May Day. It is celebrated in many cultures with the earliest May Day festivities appearing Roman Republic era with the Roman goddess of flowers, Flora. Perhaps you or your family celebrated the May Day traditions of dancing around the Maypole or witnessing the crowning the Queen of May. Since we love flowers as much as we do, it’s a tradition that all of us at Zeeta Body are honored to celebrate.

My Mother in Law, Sherry, was born in the Midwest in Bemidji, Minnesota but lived most of her life in Oregon. When her grandchildren were little, they LOVED to Go A-Maying. They also hailed from the Midwest from the very small town of Fredericksburg, Iowa. It has a population of 908, 1000 on a good football game and it is a place where the May Day traditions are still practiced and celebrated into adulthood. If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘Go-A-Maying’, you are not alone. Historically people would go out into the fields to pick flowers, sprigs, twigs and greens and collect them into baskets. Then they would surprise the loved one or a special family member by leaving the surprise gift basket with their literal gathering of Spring. Sherry’s grandchildren would always include lilacs in her May Day basket, so she would have the lovely scent of her favorite flower to grace her home. They would get up extra early, leave the gift on her doorstep, ring the bell and scamper away before she could catch them. Of course, she knew who left the anonymous present and loved the annual surprise. It was one of the sweet traditions of her youth and reminded her of simpler times which made her smile.

The traditions behind the May Day baskets are centuries old and go back to the old country. For me that means Germany and they call it Der Erste Mai, Tag der Arbeit. I did not have the pleasure of celebrating May Day growing up in Las Vegas, but this year I will surprise my family with a gift of flowers and flowery treats. I plan to include the Luscious Facial Oil for my sister in law so she may enjoy the lovely fragrance of lavender, jasmine, and chamomile. For my niece perhaps the Blossom Sweet Scrub which feels like exfoliating and moisturizing with a bouquet of flowers! 2018 will be year I start the sweet-smelling tradition of Go A-Maying and Zeeta Body products will help me share the May Day joy.

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