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Welcome 2018, with Open Arms and an Open Heart

Welcome to 2018, a year filled with positive energy for living large!

You know that I LOVE numbers and my dear friend Fern Greenwald does too, here's a guest blog written by her all about this years meaning through her eyes.


Happy New Year,


A guest blog by Fern Greenwald

In Judaism, the number 18 - possessing numerical and symbolic significance - represents life.

According to the gematria (which is a mystical tradition that assigns a numerical value to Hebrew letters) the Hebrew word for life, or Chai, is comprised of the two Hebrew letters Chet and Yud, the eighth and tenth letters of the Hebrew alphabet, which add up to 18.

As a result, the number 18 represents “life”, “living” and “good luck”. The Jewish religion, as well as many other religions and cultures, place great value on the significance of life, guided by principles that emphasize such characteristics as kindness, thoughtfulness, appropriate morals and ethical values.

So, let’s all toast a “l’chaim” - to life! Let's all enjoy a wonderful 2018 filled with kindness towards all living things, awareness of all of life’s beauty, and adherence to a high level of ethics behavior. We’re all in this together.

Happy 2018.



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