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5 Ways To De-Stress

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

At a time when our world seems to be tearing itself apart, it's now more important than ever before, to keep ourselves together. Read on to learn how a little self love can go a long way to living a stress free life...

Take a hot bath

Soak away your worries in a hot bath and indulge your senses with our relaxing soak - COZY. Made from pure essential oils and ultra Epsom salts, Cozy's healing properties will uplift your spirit and ease any mental fatigue.


Stress can age your skin prematurely but by using a daily exfoliating scrub instead of soap you can revitalize your whole body. Our sugar based aromatherapy scrub, BLOSSOM, has a lavender base, perfect for anxiety and insomnia.

Chill out

Made from pure essential oils, our aromatherapy, body oil, CHILL OUT, does exactly that. Use it instead of body lotion so It's mix of peppermint and lavender can cool and calm your skin relieving headaches and de-stressing your mind.

Sleep well

Choose from a selection of our hand crafted lavender eye pillows in the yoga prop section of our store. The soothing scent and soft cotton fabric relaxes your face muscles as the weight of the flax seeds softly contour to your face. The perfect way to block out the light and turn off that noisy world.

And don't forget

to laugh...

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