What is Aromatherapy Yoga?

Breathe deeply and experience the power of poses combined with aromatherapy!

The smell of essential oils can influence the mind and carry the body into a more relaxed state. Integrating aromatherapy into your yoga and healing practice will restore balance and promote health and well-being. We hope you will come to learn how essential oils can relieve stress, improve sleep, reduce body tension, and quiet the mind. (If you already know this, welcome — and please proceed to Zeeta Aromatherapy Yoga class information below!)

About Zeeta Aromatherapy Yoga Creator Christine Frazzitta

Christine is originally from New York. She relocated to Las Vegas in 1999 to work in the engineering industry and enjoy the sunshine. She now works full time in the health and wellness industry introducing people to yoga and aromatherapy along with the many benefits of living a more natural lifestyle.

Christine began practicing Hatha yoga in 2004 and has been teaching since 2009. Her teaching style is encouraging and gives each student the freedom to be who they are in every posture, emphasizing safe alignment and deep breathing. Christine has inspired thousands of students to reach new levels of mental and physical health by merging her nurturing style of yoga with her own line of plant-based aromatherapy products.

Christine’s Classes

In all class types, Christine combines poses and flow sequences with her handcrafted Zeeta oils to deepen breath, open chakras, and focus concentration. Students will learn first-hand how essential oils can help them find a deeper state of relaxation.

Check out Christine’s class schedule or inquire about private sessions and Zeeta yoga parties. See you on the mat!  

Tip:  If you’d like to take home the soothing scents of your Vinyasa class, bring your own hand towel to hold the oils used during your practice.

Yoga Basics/Level 1  Vinyasa Yoga Basics focuses on individual needs within the structure of a group class. The postures are practiced slowly with plenty of instruction and the movements are designed to allow students to focus on a mastery of the poses. An excellent class for any yoga student striving to understand how to gain the most from each posture.

Restorative Yoga Classes  These classes are suited for everyone and encourage the use of supported poses and long holds. Restorative yoga restores the entire being:  body, mind, and spirit. Long periods of stillness enable a relaxed, meditative state so you can truly let go of the day and physical stresses. No previous yoga experience is required.

Vinyasa Flow Classes  These sessions focus on dynamic movements and are designed for yogis with some experience. Classes will offer familiar poses, safe challenges, and a variety of options to suit individuals at all levels.


Private Individual Sessions

Contact Christine directly at 702-767-1123 or email her at christine @ zeetabody.com to book a private 90-minute session either in Las Vegas or to see if Christine will be in your area soon.  Please call or email for rates and scheduling.

Private Yoga Parties

Treat your friends (and yourself!) to one of Christine’s private aromatherapy yoga parties in the privacy of your own home or at the location of your choice. Pricing begins at $25 per person for a minimum of five people. Includes the full Zeeta Body aromatherapy yoga experience. Contact Christine at 702-767-1123 or email her at christine@zeetabody.com to discuss your needs and schedule.