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An eGift card from Zeeta Body is the perfect gift for the beautiful people in your life.



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- Essential Oils - 


Zeeta Body was born from a belief that what we put on our skin matters as much as what we put in our bodies.

Zeeta Body Aromatherapy Spray - Lovely Lavendar
Zeeta Body Scrub - Blossom

Salt & Sugar Scrubs

Indulge yourself in our luxury scrubs leaving your skin fully moisturized.

Start Scrubbing >

Aromatherapy Sprays

Enhance your life by using these aromatherapy sprays for your body or your home.

Spray Away >

Zeeta Body Organic Facial Oils - Cool

Facial Oils

Essential oils blended together for the simple purpose of making your face look and feel as beautiful as you are.

Look Younger Now >

Zeeta Body Organic Body Oil - Bon Voyage Cellulite

Body Oils

Treat your body to the ultimate experience in skin moisturization and feel good from the inside out.

Oil It Up >

Zeeta Body Face Mask - Earthy

Facial Masks

Our masks are the best in the world. Be the best possible version of you and let yourself shine.

Unmask Your Beauty >

Zeeta Body Gift Sets

Gift Sets 

Feel the joy of giving and choose from a selection of Zeeta gift sets for men and women.

Spoil Someone Special >

Zeeta Body Epsom Bath Salt Soaks - No Worries

Salt Soaks

Immerse yourself in our detoxifying soaks and de-stress your body, mind and soul. 

Soak Your Bones >

Zeeta Body - T-Shirt

Shirts & Swag

Live the Zeeta life style and show your love for our brand with these unique items.

Bag Some Swag >

Zeeta Body CEO Christine Frazzitta Teaching Yoga

Yoga Props

Zeeta Body is aligned with a yoga lifestyle. Browse our props to support your yoga practice.

Yogis this way >

- On Sale Now!- 


Don't miss out on these bargains! Check out the Sales, Specials and Seasonal items below.

Zeeta Body Blog - A woman embracing life

Keepin' It Real

Don't ever miss out on a Zeeta Body event or special again! Subscribe to our blog and stay in the loop.

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Zeeta Body - Body Scrubs
Special Offer Tag

Scrub of the Month

Join our Scrub of the Month Club and have a different Zeeta Body scrub delivered to your doorstep every month.

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All Zeeta Body Products contain organic essential oils and are made in Las Vegas, USA.